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Our Creative Team

Farooq Asgar


Minneapolis, USA

Mr. Asgar is the Founder and CEO of Augersoft with a team of multi-aptitudinal software engineers and developers. He manages the progress of the company holistically. Moreover, he fetches and deals with the contracts and managerial responsibilities for Augersoft. Mr. Asgar leads an electrifying team of technology entrepreneurs, tech wizards, curious minds, and enthusiasts from across the globe in availing to solve the world's most conundrums. He is an example of Techno-Decentralist (utilizing technology as a decentralisation tool).

Khadija Maryam

Program Manager - Women in Tech

Lahore, Pakistan

Ms. Maryam is the female lead at Augersoft. She deals and manages all female development projects, from meeting the clients for understanding the requirements, to completion and delivery of project to client's satisfaction. Acting as a bridge between the female clients and the best services provided by Augersoft. Ms. Maryam aims to work on outreach programs initiated by Augersoft directed at unprivileged women in the society.

Muhammad Muiz

Full Stack Developer

Lahore, Pakistan

Mr. Muiz is the Web Developer at Augersoft. He leads the web team. Before Augersoft, he was a trainer in the Git workshop and was the instructor in the Flutter Zero to Hero Workshop at Superior University. Mr. Muiz has industry experience in Flutter and Python. He has written tech-articles with over 7K reads on DEV.


Cross-Platform Mobile Developer

Lahore, Pakistan

Mr. Abid is a Flutter Mobile App Developer with 2 years of experience. He has a Strong grip on Flutter for Building Android and iOS apps. Moreover, he has good Knowledge of Dart, State Management, Location Services, Maps, Animations, third-party APIS, App Localization, and other Android/IOS libraries for both Android and IOS Platforms. Mr. Abid also has experience in Data Science, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and continuously learning more about problem-solving techniques in the field of Software Engineering.

Hasaan Ahmed

Cross-Platform Mobile Developer

Sargodha, Pakistan

Mr. Ahmed is working as a Mobile Developer at Augersoft. He is a passionate software engineer with a love for programming and software development. He has worked in diverse technology stacks like Java, ASP.NET, native mobile development, NPL, etc. He is one of the early adopters of the flutter framework and a full-time flutter developer now. He has passion for flutter because of its widgets, customization, material design, and most importantly, great community.

Hassan Javed

UI/UX & Graphics Designer

Islamabad, Pakistan

Mr. Javed is the lead UI/UX at augersoft. He is a Google certified UX designer with around a decade of experience. He helps with the graphic design and illustrations for the company as well as creating brand identity and visual content for all our projects. He has diverse experience in Mobile and Web application design, creating brand identities, 2d illustrations and animations. He is also a design mentor who has trained more than 200 grad level students to earn a stable income through design.

Rida Fatima

Social Media Executive

Lahore, Pakistan

Rida Fatima is a Social Media Executive with 4 Years of Exeperience. She is creating, implementing, and optimizing social media strategy for Augersoft and its clients. Not afraid to work hard or be flexible in order to adapt to constantly evolving social media standards and goals, for the sake of company and its clientage.

Amna Azhar

HR Manager

Lahore, Pakistan

Ms. Azhar is working as the HR Manager at Augersoft. She responded to employee inquiries on HR policies and procedures and oversaw new hiring onboarding and provided support for the talent acquisition team. Moreover, she manages the social accounts of the company. Ms. Azhar's key abilities include employee relations, performance management, compensation structuring, employee engagement, and compliance.

Muhammad Sagheer Hussain

React JS/Frontend Developer

Lahore, Pakistan

Mr. Sagheer is working as a React JS Developer at Augersoft. He is working as a frontend developer for single-page web applications. Mr. Sagheer implemented various screens for the front end using React.js, used various predefined components, and applied optimization techniques to reduce page size and load times to enhance user experience. Monitoring the offshore work and providing technical help to the team for their JIRA tickets.

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