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Hop Place

With hopplace users can either book or post their property/entertainment system for other to rent out, for client side of application user can select from vase range of options and similarly sellers can post their listings, also providing flawless user experience with multiple filtering options where user can exactly find, what they are looking for, so who is this application for people who move a lot for short period of time so they can easily rent places to stay without having to go through lengthy process of renting a place and for anyone who have extra piece of property that they are not using so they can rent that out and earn some extra money on side.


Many brick-and-mortar companies have closed because of the Coronavirus. Ordinary people's lives are becoming more difficult due to a lack of suitable spaces, times, and services. Study halls, gyms/yoga studios, theaters, arcades, wedding halls, and other such establishments should all be readily available.


After thorough analysis, the Augersoft team developed Peer-to-Peer and advanced solutions under one platform that allows users to monetize their houses by renting out underutilized spaces. You won't have to call and double-check a business's storefront's hours of operation anymore.


Augersoft has managed to develop a digital solution (HopPlace) that will significantly expand the business opportunities for our client and now won’t have to call and double check a business’s storefront’s hours of operation anymore. Now they will be able to find their favorite places nearby and possibly in their neighbor’s house with the ease of a smartphone app. An app will allow clients to share their homes with the community while also earning money!

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